Reflecting on Week 1’s Tutorial, Lecture and Readings

Week One of 1074 was all happening! With the lecture, tutorial and readings in full motion. Surviving my first week of 1074, it is now time to look back and see what has happened during week one.

Week Ones lecture was our first lecture for 1074, it was basically about  Communication technologies within schools, and covered a bit of detail about reflective blog writing, (which helped us out in our tutorial where we created our blogs about the two readings that we were reflecting on.) During the lecture and throughout the tutorial I felt fairly scared as technology is my arch enemy, technology and I have never mixed right and my knowledge with ICT is very little, but at the same time pleased that ill be covering something that I dont have much experience in; it will be a nice challenge for me. But as the weeks go by, hopefully my ICT skills and knowledge will expand and I can befriend technology 🙂

Week One’s readings were two articules, the first one was “Indigenous Students Engage Education Through a Blog“. This blog was quite interesting to me, as never before in my life have I heard of the blogging system, let alone thinking that this has been put in place in classrooms. I think it was a very effective way of educating her students as the students just loved it, and they were learning many new things about another culture; learning about food, how they celebrate chinese new year and symbolic locations such as the great wall of china.

The other articule was “Students Become Stars to learn about Australia“. While reading this articule I was amazed by the fact that they used such technology to allow their students to broadcast a Getaway styled television program. There were a few things I liked about this program, I really liked that the children worked in groups in the future when they are a bit older; team work and coporation is a vital skill to have in the work force and in life, i also liked that they used the technology to familiarise themselves with technology and equipment and finally and most importantly the children are being educated in a way that their having fun while learning, in my opinion that would be the most effetcive way for a young child to learn.

Looking back on week one it has been a  nice challenge for me, and for those with little ICT knowledge like myself, I’m sure you will agree with me. I am looking forward to tackling next weeks ICT challenges. Mitch signing off.

Peace out.



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